Looks like Magic Wands re-released their 2012 debut, with some remastering.

I discovered this album while living in Samoa, and it has been a go-to ever since.

Every single song has it’s own energy. Originally my favourite was Black Magic (that raunchy riff is an earworm), but then it changed to Crystals (a little more subtle, but magic in it’s own right, and the solo is pretty damn tasty). Currently, Kaleidoscope Hearts is my fave.

Some of the remastering includes changes to some of the songs. Having heard it one way for 7 years, to then hear a different version — I’m not sure I like some of the changes. On the other hand, some songs (like Warrior) benefit greatly. I’m going to have to give the re-release a thorough once-over before making any final judgements though.

All in all, a must-listen to album.


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