Uncommon Ground Open Mic

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That’s a very small guitar, I think

Tuesday nights, Uncommon Ground on Devon hosts an awesome open mic. While comedy and poetry are welcome, the Listening Room was filled with musicians — all of whom were excellent performers! The format was one song, which kept a nice flow going, and the applause was enthusiastic, without being raucous.

I decided to go first, and played “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers… on the ukulele!

I met a new friend, travelling from New York and just visiting Chicago, who played “Sweet Pea” on his travel guitar. He sang it both crystal-clear as well as Louis Armstrong style (raspy). One of Kimberly’s friends (whom we met via the Prague Shakespeare Company, but lives here in Chicago) also came, and played an excellent original song regarding a mass shooting in California a few years ago.

All in all, it was a good night and looking forward to more of them. Looks like the other Uncommon Ground location on Clark has an Open Mic on Monday, so we’ll have to try that as well!


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One of the largest music fests in the world, right here in Chicago. I wasn’t able to go, but the YouTube live streams are fantastic quality — all of the awesomeness, none of the hassle. I watched a bit last night (Janelle Monae), caught a replay of Death Cab for Cutie this morning, and going to watch some more tonight. Can’t wait to see Tenacious D and the Revivalists (Sunday).

Here’s my Lolla 2019 playlist. Short, sweet, and to the point. I’ll be updating it as I hear more artists play as well.

Do you have any Lolla stories, memories, or comments? Drop me a line!

Aloha Moon – Magic Wands

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Looks like Magic Wands re-released their 2012 debut, with some remastering.

I discovered this album while living in Samoa, and it has been a go-to ever since.

Every single song has it’s own energy. Originally my favourite was Black Magic (that raunchy riff is an earworm), but then it changed to Crystals (a little more subtle, but magic in it’s own right, and the solo is pretty damn tasty). Currently, Kaleidoscope Hearts is my fave.

Some of the remastering includes changes to some of the songs. Having heard it one way for 7 years, to then hear a different version — I’m not sure I like some of the changes. On the other hand, some songs (like Warrior) benefit greatly. I’m going to have to give the re-release a thorough once-over before making any final judgements though.

All in all, a must-listen to album.