Live Sound (and Lighting Design)

Do you need a live sound engineer for a gig? Look no further! Whether it’s a corporate gig or a rock festival, an open mic or a spoken word event, A1, A2, or LD — I am able to help! I have some personal equipment for smaller gigs. Just reach out so we can discuss details!

Technical Services

Outside of the music scene, I have 20 years of professional technical skills. Website packages start at $200. Need a custom SMS marketing tool? Been there. Done that. Need help setting up your own lights / DMX, IEMs, or studio recording / monitoring? No problem. Need a custom app? You know where to find me. Ask about my free Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Guide!

Private Lessons

Want to learn ukulele or guitar? I’m happy to teach group or individual lessons, child or adult, and from “absolute beginner” up to Intermediate (guitar) and Advanced (ukulele) skills. Please see my Uke Tutor page for more info on Ukulele lessons. I offer lessons specifically for those just starting to play, $50 for 4x 30-minute weekly sessions, and $20 per 30 minute session thereafter. I include electronic and paper copies of learning materials, including specialized ukulele lessons. Send me a text or email to get started!

Manager / Promoter

Do you need someone to kick-start your band’s career? Do you need help filling a venue last-minute, or ensuring minimum ticket sales? Need someone to handle the day-to-day business so you can focus on the music? Heck, even just someone to run the merch booth or write band reviews? I’m able and willing! Drop me a line.

Creative Specialist

Need ideas for a unique, kick-ass music video? Want some out-of-the-box advertising methods? Need a coreographer, lighting designer, or other specialist? No problemo! Let me know what you need!

Live Music Entertainment

Whether you’d like to book me as a solo act (ukulele / guitar), or need a band to fit any occasion (wedding, barbecue, or even a funeral), I’ve got you covered! Shoot me a message.

Podcast Production

Have an idea for a podcast, but don’t know where to start? I can recommend a very affordable studio which does all the heavy lifting — all you do is show up with your idea, and we’ll guide you through the rest, record, edit, master, and publish! Simply say the word!

Band Member / Studio Musician

Need a reliable bassist, ukulele player, or guitar player? Want to experiment with a synth player, harmonica, or otherwise collaborate on songs? Need a studio musician? Get in touch with me.

Stage Management

In addition to running live music, I can also run your theatre production, or other live events. Keep an eye out for the upcoming production of Accidental Death!