Plucky Rosenthal, a local Chicago performer known for her distinct vaudeville style, does it again with her “Songs to Caftan In” set! Composed of humorous songs, she takes us on a journey of relaxation and enjoyment, via telling us stories of her life with the guitar, ukulele (my favorite!), and her Casiotone.

She just finished the Minnesota Fringe Fest, where for a week or two, they set up a festival / fair type environment and performers are given an hour or so each — quite the variety! Now that she’s back, she’s bringing that same energy to Chicago.

“A caftan is a hug”

She began the set with “The Caftan Song” on Guitar. For those who don’t know, a Caftan has two holes, one for your head, and one where everything else goes! She also ended the hour journey with a ukulele song, “A Caftan Is A Hug” (see 3 second clip above).

Stage is set!

The performance took place at Esquina Chicago, a DIY art space located at Western and Wilson. Esquina is a cozy and welcoming space for performers, art shows, poetry, etc. This wasn’t my first time at the space — I had previously attended a vinyl album release party here, and absolutely adore the place.

Plucky’s set had many songs not included here, but some of my favorites included “Mists of Arbor” – a clever song about booze, and “Young Boy”, where she got the audience involved in providing a simple yet fun beat. Check it out:

Audience involvement and the intro to “Young Boy”

Her Casiotone set included the “Closet Song”, where she had a little dance routine for the audience to join in on, as well as the “You have a dog… I don’t like dogs” song.

Not to mention the two on-stage costume changes (her burlesque was showing!), the stories behind each of the songs, and having the audience provide written affirmations which she then pulled from the ‘hat’ and read each of them.

It was a fantastic show and I was glad I was able to see it. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Plucky is a mainstay performer at the Drifter, where you can often catch her. You can follow her on Facebook or see upcoming events directly on her site!

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