#NowPlayingNew Music Friday

Tool’s New Album “Fear Innoculum”

It feels like it’s been “10,000 days” since the last Tool album, but it’s been (only) 13 years.

Each track on this album is 10 minutes long! (except for the “3 bonus tracks”, scattered between songs, which are apparently not on the physical CD. Maybe this is why Maynard finally decided to go the digital streaming route!)

The first song is the title track, starts with some cello and works up into a controlled frenzy as only Tool knows how to do. It sounds exactly as you would expect a Tool song to sound.

Pneuma, the second track though, is strange — playing with a harmonic minor scale (“middle eastern” sound) and then some bluesy sounds.

7empest (track 9) is probably the heaviest track.

The bonus tracks are instrumentals, perfect for some ambiance.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Stay in-tuned!