Live and Local


A still from I’M ALIVE with my logo!

Last year, I got asked to help with a unique project — an underground, live concert streaming service. They would book local bands, and live broadcast on YouTube and Facebook on Sunday nights.

uNreaLconcerts was an idea who’s time had come — what better way to enjoy some live music, than from your own home theater system?

Check out uNreaLconcerts’ YouTube channel here!

I was running sound at The Royal at that time, when I met the mastermind behind it. He tapped me to help run the video. Despite having no video experience, he knew I was a professional and would pick it up in a beat.

I showed up on a Sunday evening. He introduced me to the lighting director, showed me the stage, and sat me down in the separate control room where everything was ran from. I got comfortable with the controls within a few minutes, took a deep breath, and away we went! I learned quickly how to move the cameras, and then switch between them. I even learned how to do ‘roving’ shots (panning the camera) live, which was a novel addition.

We used service to broadcast it live, and I learned a little about the overlays / triggering the titles and the end credits. We even had a sponsor (an ‘essential oil’ seller).

I was only involved for a few weeks, but it was an absolute blast! I think the Iternal Roots show was probably my fave that I got to work on. All in all, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been involved with some brilliant people who worked hard to make this happen!